Writing History event: March 25, 2008 at Yale

Please join Yale’s Writing History group for the unique opportunity to discuss

“Shaping the Past: How Free Can We Be?”

with Jonathan Spence on Tuesday, March 25, 5 p.m. in HGS 204.
Practically anything written by Professor Spence can offer up questions about the nature of historical writing, weighing evidence, and spinning imaginative tales, so I have chosen selections from books old and new, as well as a few other sources that might provide different angles. They are:
  • For those with a bit more time, I’d highly recommend reading Woman Wang, Return to Dragon Mountain, The Question of Hu, or another Spence book cover to cover. I’d also suggest Professor Spence’s 2005 AHA presidential address, which discussed the same material and some of the themes of Return to Dragon Mountain, to open yet another angle on how free to be, and to what audiences.
For more information contact Adam Arenson

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