A Room of One’s Own…

For the first time ever, I have an office of my own.  One that’s not shared with numerous other grad students or that I must vacate when the library closes.  But now the question looms: what’s the best working environment?  Something spartan and clean, or something with a touch of home?  Should I get a comfortable reading chair, or will that invite napping and loafing?  Do you suggest that I cover my bare walls with writerly ‘inspiration,’ or will such clutter only distract me from my focus?  And…just how tacky are whiteboards these days?

Please take the poll below to tell me what elements you think are necessary in an office space.   And feel free to drop other suggestions in the comments below. (note: you can only vote for one item at a time, but you can vote more than once)

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2 Responses to A Room of One’s Own…

  1. Melissa says:

    the poll only lets me pick one! But I recommend bookshelves, family photos, a whiteboard, tech stuff, plants, and a comfy chair. The coffeemaker might be better replaced with an electric kettle and an assortment of teas (knowing you!). Oh, and plants if you have good lighting. Make it a place you WANT to be, not a place you have to be.

  2. Zack McCune says:

    Can I just stress the white board (or chalk board based on your prefs) as an addition to your new office (congrats btw!). You see, whiteboards organize tasks/meetings/ideas/people/feelings/obligations et cetera. You will be so happy to have them written down outside of your mind or computer you will be happy happy happy!