3….2…1….Launch! (or, One Week | One Tool goes live)

This post will coincide with the launch of the OneWeek tool, Anthologize.

Yesterday I used the tool for the very first time, selecting and collecting the items from this blog tagged with #oneweek.  I found the interface to be fairly intuitive, though a bit slow to grab and re-order items.  The output also had a few textual bugs that kept it from being a completely seamless experience.  But…overall I am amazed.  I created a “book” in less than 5 minutes! (good job #oneweek Dev team!!)

I foresee many uses for this tool.  I’ll be ‘packaging’ collections of specific blogpost entries to share with colleagues who aren’t blogreaders, or who want to focus on a particular thread in my writing.  I’ll be creating a collection of some of my more evocative soloblog posts for publishing in a chapbook.  I imagine myself collating various groups of posts (by author, by keyword, by year) from the large group blogs that I participate in–for publishing in an attractive book format with photos.  Additionally, I intend to create a pdf of my online portfolio, to use as a CV.  On my campus, I’ll encourage professors with class blogs to publish the content for inclusion in institutional archives, I’ll support faculty who want to use it as an output for their Tenure & Promotion e-portfolios.

How do you think you’ll use Anthologize?  Please share!

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