Pencils Down Day (or One Week | One Tool, day 6)

Today started early (maybe too early for those of us up to the wee hours of the morning working).  We reconnoitered at 7:30am at a hotel conference room for an intense few hours of work.  Tom made us promise to put our “pencils down” at 11am so we could talk and have some fun.  That was hard, actually.  The hours flew by until 11am and even then it felt so wrong to stop working.  But we needed some time to make a plan for the next few weeks before we all started heading our separate ways.  And Tom and Dan each gave a little speech.   The end was rather anticlimactic.  Maybe that’s because we all know how much work lies ahead for us after the launch.  We’re only releasing an “alpha” version of the tool on Tuesday because it lacks thorough testing and bug-fixing.  We’re depending on our community of users and developers to help us out with some of that over the next year…

I only have a few minutes before I board my plane, so I won’t be able to be too reflective about this experience just yet….so let me leave you with this thought…when I entered the airport a few minutes ago and stood in line and navigated through the corridors, I realized that just a week ago I walked those same paths not knowing most of the 12 people who I can now call dear friends.  As I passed by strangers in the airport I was overwhelmed with a sense of hope and magic.  I believe that almost all of us humans want to work hard and want to accomplish great things.  Giving us a sense of purpose and an ambitious goal tends to draw out the best in us, and my belief in that informs my teaching practices and my faith in the power of crowdsourcing.  OneWeek confirmed much of what I already knew about human potential, which will continue to impact my work in the university, in the DH community, and in the social sphere.

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