Inspiration Points: Links

  • An interactive view of the 1918 flu pandemic.  Scrolling through this site is a painless way to learn about the impact of the disease, yet I found myself wondering if there could’ve have been graphical representations showing the scope of influenza to augment the vintage images and news accounts.  Also, the site navigation moved a bit too slowly to be highly engaging.  This vid about XDR-TB was far more emotionally effective even though it offers scant information about the disease itself.
  • A tribute to Studs Terkel (a hero of mine) and a challenge for everyman to become an oral historian.
  • I haven’t yet tested Zotero 1.5, but I’m thrilled about the promise of its sync feature as I weary of  transferring zotero files from my research laptop (an ASUS UMPC) to my home computer.
  • My teenage kids think Sarah Vowell is far more entertaining than any of the other historian podcasters they’ve listened to (including, of course, their Mom).  So we’ll be tuning in to Sarah’s take on the Puritans this week as we bake our pumpkin pies (from scratch, of course, because there’s nothing better than a homemade pumpkin pie!)
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