Episode 5: Rachel Sarah O'Toole

Rachel Sarah O'TooleFor those of us engaged in writing history, the practical reality is that we need to secure funding for our efforts. Whether you’re working on your dissertation or are polishing up a book manuscript, Rachel Sarah O’Toole‘s tips for garnering research funds will be of interest.

Rachel begins this episode with a reading from her Social Text article, “Becoming a Bran Diaspora Within Spanish Slavery,” and then offers a “funding dissection” of her writing, showing how different portions of her finished work emerged from a variety of fellowships and travel grants. During the Q&A that follows the discussion of her research, Rachel explains several practical strategies for earning both internal and external research funds.

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One Response to Episode 5: Rachel Sarah O'Toole

  1. Danielle TW says:

    Just found your blog! I´m just here in Xalapa working on my research. I hope all is well!