Episode 3, Part 1: Jeffrey Wasserstrom

coverEpisode Three offers a selection from Jeffrey Wasserstrom‘s latest book, China’s Brave New World: And Other Tales for Global Times. Following a reading of the essay “Mr. Mao Ringtones,” Jeff speaks about how he came to write a book of ‘tales’ and offers his thoughts about American perceptions of China.

From the Library Journal review:

“These nimble and knowledgeable essays from a respected historian…include commentaries on such recent events as the Tiananmen Incident, as well as light but erudite historical thought pieces, such as one on former President Grant’s world tour in 1879. Others look at the fate of globalized franchises such as McDonald’s and Marxism, the challenges of historical and cross-cultural analogies, and sympathetic critiques of reporting on China.”

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Tune in next week for Part 2 of the podcast interview with author Jeffrey Wasserstrom.

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