Would you mind taking a moment to help me troubleshoot a few items on this site? Can you try clicking on the ‘subscribe to podcast’ and ‘subscribe to blogfeed’ links in the sidebar and let me know if you encounter any errors?

Also, do you see the orange feed icon in the navigation bar on your browser when you are at this site?

Can you drop a line in the comments section of this post letting me know of any problems you encounter? Or if you have no problems, can you inform me of that, too? Thank you.

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2 Responses to Troubleshooting

  1. John White says:

    I see a red icon. I subscribed without a problem with Google Reader.

  2. John White says:

    Oh, a couple notes on subscriptions:

    I tried to click the word “subscribe” a couple times.

    It was a bit muddled which link was going to subscribe me to the blog and which was for the podcast.

    Also, include the iTunes subscription link.

    So I’d suggest something like…

    PODCAST (audio) feed:
    [iTunes] [XML]

    BLOG feed:
    [smaller icon than you have now]