Episode 1: Using Technology

The first episode of the Making History Podcast is now available. Click here to subscribe to this podcast feed, or subscribe  via iTunes.

This episode examines 5 different technological tools that can be helpful to History graduate students.

Here’s a list of links mentioned in the podcast:

For those of you who want to tune in to specific tools, but don’t want to listen to the entire podcast, you can find the discussions of the specific tools here (times are in minutes):

–Book Collector database (6:30)
–EndNote software (11.00)
–Organizing your laptop computer (16.40)
–Subscribing to RSS Feed (21.30)
–Blogging your dissertation (26.00)

I look forward to your thoughts and feedback about this first episode of Making History Podcast.

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4 Responses to Episode 1: Using Technology

  1. Adam Arenson says:

    I just listened to your first episode, and I wanted to commend you on such an important effort!

    I am now in my fourth year of running the Writing History at Yale colloquium, where we discuss engaging historical writing, but I have also been increasingly interested in how to discuss the mechanics of graduate school and history research and writing–and to break these conversations out of campus-based communities, so insights can be shared.

    Do you think there is space for an H-Net list on Writing History — more on engaging writing (a la creative nonfiction) than mechanics of teaching and doing historical writing, but with space for both? Martha Hodes, Marni Sandweiss, Tiya Miles, James Goodman, Bruce Dorsey, and Annette Gordon-Reed, and Scott Reynolds Nelson were on a great panel at the American Studies Association this year, discussing innovative narratives, and I contacted the Past Tense group out in California about future exchanges as well.

    I look forward to more episodes — now to add to that RSS feeder…

  2. reader says:

    Y’know, it’d help if you would provide single links to each episode. I don’t want to have to subscribe to hear one show.

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